Our dojo is part of a registered non-profit organisation (the Centre for Martial Arts & Human Development Incorporated) and has a variety of payment options, as well as discounts for families and students. We do not operate on any form of financial contract, but prefer that students pay for classes on a monthly basis. Money raised through fees go directly back into the organisation, and is used to pay for equipment, seminars, training, overseas trips and guest instructors, and instructor training.

We also offer a no-strings attached trial class period so that you know that our program is the right one for you.

If you're training twice a week, classes start at around $11 per class for juniors, and at around $12 per class for seniors, and can be as little as $8 per class if you train three times per week. Comparatively, this is much cheaper than most other sports and activities and there are not many additional costs. To make fees more affordable there are significant discounts for families.

Please note that we believe that money should never restrict access to training, so feel free to discuss any questions on fees with us (including if you're in a difficult financial situation). Karate is for everyone, regardless of financial situation.

We do not charge any annual membership fees.

We also offer a functional fitness class at our dojo on Saturdays. This class is available to students and family members (even if they're not training) for an affordable fee.


For a full list of fees, download our fee schedule

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