Sensei Reece Cummings, Kancho, 4th Dan

Sensei Reece is the Head Instructor (DipSport, CertIV TAE, AKFCAS), and the owner of the Kodokan Matsubayashi-ryu Cummings Karate Dojo. He is an internationally qualified instructor who has trained extensively in Okinawa, Japan. He is a Yondan (4th degree black belt) in Matsubayashi-ryu Karate-do.

Sensei Reece is a Kancho (館長), or branch director/head of dojo licenced by the World Matsubayashi-ryu Karate-do Association located in Okinawa, Japan. He is also the Director and Chairman of the the Centre for Martial Arts & Human Development Incorporated, an incorporated non-profit organisation.

He originally started training in Matsubayashi-ryu with Sensei John Carlyle, Renshi 6th Dan on the mid-north coast. Later, Sensei Reece also studied directly under the late Soke Takayoshi Nagamine, Hanshisei 10th Dan (d. 2012) and had trained as a live-in student at Soke's personal home and dojo in Okinawa in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Since the passing of Soke Nagamine in April 2012, Sensei Reece has returned to Okinawa regularly to receive instruction from the senior instructors of Matsubayashi-ryu. He now also continues to train extensively with Sensei Toshimitsu Arakaki, Hanshi 10th Dan, who was also a direct student of Osensei Shoshin Nagamine. Sensei Reece has made a trip to Okinawa every year (sometimes twice) since 2009, often staying for more than a month at a time.

For teens and adults, Sensei Reece has a strong focus on a practical approach to karate training and believes it should be a dynamic and effective method for realistic self-defence, and for children, he teaches in a way that integrates karate into their lives as more than just a physical activity. Much of the practical approach to our karate training is also influenced by the research of Sensei Patrick McCarthy, Hanshi 9th Dan, of the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society.

Both Sensei Reece's Yondan (4th degree black belt) and Dojo Owner/Instructor Certificate were issued by the World Matsubayashi-ryu (Shorin-ryu) Karate-do Association (WMKA) Headquarters in Okinawa, that was founded by Osensei Shoshin Nagamine.

Sensei Reece's other qualifications include:

Kancho Reece's Matsubayashi-ryu lineage.

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Kancho Reece's martial arts resume.

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Kancho Reece after his Yondan (4th degree black belt) test in Okinawa with the Examination Panel.
Kancho Reece (L) with Sensei Arakaki performing Yakusoku Kumite in Arakaki Karate Dojo, Okinawa.
Kancho Reece (L) with Soke Nagamine in Canberra teaching an open-styles seminar.

Outside of Karate, Sensei Reece maintains his full-time day job. Despite teaching over 300 karate classes a year, he believes that by having a day job as the primary source of income, and not using Karate or the dojo, it ensures that quality will always be paramount over quantity, and that there is no need to sacrifice tradition or hard training in order to make money. Sensei Reece also practices non-religious form of zen, and incorporates zazen (shikantaza), a form of Japanese sitting meditation, into the dojo's karate classes, and believes in the saying kenzen ichinyo (karate and zen as one).

In addition to Matsubayashi-ryu Karate-do, Sensei Reece has trained in Okinawan Kobudo (weapons), Ninjutsu, Judo and military self-defence.

All assistant instructors have completed a First Aid qualification, and are registered with the ACT Office of Regulatory Services for Working with Vulnerable People. For more information on the accreditation process of our instructors, please visit our policies page.

Dai-Senpai Dave, Fuku-Shidoin, 2nd Dan - Assistant Instructor
Mr Dave is the dojo's dai-senpai (大先輩), or most senior student, and has been with the dojo since its opening in 2009. He is a Nidan (2nd degree black belt) in Matsubayashi-ryu Karate-do and earned both his Shodan and Nidan under a panel of judges in Okinawa. Mr Dave has also trained with Soke Nagamine, Sensei Arakaki, and Sensei Carlyle on many occasions, both in Canberra and throughout the NSW Dojo.

Mr Dave is accredited as an internal dojo 'Assistant Instructor' and regularly assists with the juniors program, and takes classes in Sensei Reece's absence. He is an Accredited Karate Coach under the AKF Coaching Accreditation Scheme.

Senpai Mike, Fuku-Shidoin, 1st Dan - Assistant Instructor
Mr Mike is one of the dojo's black belt students, and has been training at the dojo for more than four years. He has also visited Okinawa to train in Karate three times, and has trained with Sensei Arakaki and Sensei Carlyle on many occasions, both in Canberra and throughout the NSW Dojo.

Mr Mike is the regular instructor for one Juniors (kids) class per week. He is accrediated as an internal dojo 'Assistant Instructor' and is an Accredited Karate Coach under the AKF Coaching Accreditation Scheme.

Mr Dave
Dai-Senpai, 2nd Dan
Ms Helen
Senpai, 1st Dan
Mr Chris
Senpai, 1st Dan
Mr Mike
Senpai, 1st Dan
Mr Fred
Senpai, 1st Dan
Ms Nicky
Senpai, 1st Dan
Mr Sean
Senpai, 1st Dan
Mr David
Senpai, 1st Dan (Prov)


Osensei Shoshin Nagamine
1st Soke, Hanshi 10th Dan
Okinawa, Japan (b. 1907, d. 1997)
Sensei Takayoshi Nagamine
2nd Soke, Hanshisei 10th Dan
Okinawa, Japan (b. 1945, d. 2012)
Sensei Yoshitaka Taira
Kaicho, Hanshi 10th Dan
Okinawa, Japan
Sensei Toshimitsu Arakaki
Fuku-Kaicho, Hanshi 10th Dan
Okinawa, Japan
Sensei John Carlyle
Honbucho, Renshi 6th Dan
NSW, Australia
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