Below are the opinions and testimonals of current and previous students as well as parents of children within our dojo.

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My children were practicing Karate at a highly recommended school in Hawaii. We came to the Cummings Karate Dojo because Sensei Reece offers the professionalism, knowledge, dedication and commitment we believe are essential for a good dojo. Sensei Reece has been extremely welcoming and we are sure that we have chosen an environment in which they can flourish.
~ Simone, mother of two karate kids

I am so glad I found this dojo. Karate-do has given me a calmer mind, fitness and more self-confidence, great new friends, and the sense of belonging to something much greater than me.
~ Sarah, lawyer

We have found the perfect martial art for us and a very encouraging dojo where everyone is learning, involved, helpful and welcomed as a part of the dojo community. This is a life long journey where every step is interesting and with so many aspects. We never expected as much, and we are very happy to be here.
~ Helen & Sharyn, adult students

Our family loves this dojo. It is non-aggressive and focused on self defence, technical skills and fitness. The Cummings Karate Dojo has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere led by Sensei Reece. It is highly unusual for an instructor to give so much time and attention to students from their very first class – including one-on-one lessons when starting out. We have gained confidence, skills, health benefits and great friends.
~ Carsten, Rebecca and Dominik

I have practiced a number of martial arts before, but feel like I have found my perfect fit in Matsubayashi-ryu Karate. Sensei Reece not only teaches the techniques but also explains their practical applications in detail. He is incredibly skilful and keen to share this knowledge with his students. I thoroughly enjoy the variety and range in every class­—there is always something new to learn or improve on.
~ Rebecca, public servant

I can't speak highly enough of Sensei Reece or the Cummings Karate Dojo.  I first came to the dojo because we had moved to Canberra and my 6 year old son needed a new Karate club. I was looking for somewhere that felt safe and friendly, with a Sensei that would nurture my son while teaching him discipline, respect, self-defence and confidence.  When I found Sensei Reece I was truly surprised. He is dedicated to the Dojo, to the kids and to the art of Karate as well as being professional, kind and patient.
~ Nicky, mother of a karate kid

Sensei Reece encourages parents to train with their kids, and after a few weeks of watching my son’s classes and witnessing the patience and kindness of Sensei Reece, I felt for the first time that I perhaps could do it too. This was a huge deal for me, as I had been watching my son train in Melbourne for 12 months, but never once felt like I could actually do it. However, I’ve now joined as well and both my son & I look forward to training together. If you are even thinking about joining, for yourself or for your kids, don't hesitate – you’ve found the right place!
~ Nicky, adult student

It is a pleasure to take my grandson along each week to participate in the dojo classes. Sensei Reece encourages him to do his best and lets him know that by practicing, just like learning to write and read at school, the skills and confidence will come.  Not only has my grandson gained confidence and skills in karate, he has been welcomed into a wonderful group who are encouraging, supportive and friendly. 
~ Pamela (Nana), Michelle (mum), Gavin (dad)

I am a 'karate mum' who trains with my two children at the Cummings Karate Dojo. From the first day, my children and I felt very welcomed and encouraged. My son who has trained in other dojos, prefers Cummings Karate Dojo and would train everyday there if possible. The attitudes of the teacher and the senior students are very positive and wholesome. Sensei Reece is patient and always encourages us to improve and develop. I highly recommend training at the Cummings Karate Dojo for families or singles, the atmosphere is friendly and very dedicated and the focus of this dojo fosters a deep appreciation and understanding of karate.
~ Sascha, adult student and mother of a karate kid

I like the Cummings Karate Dojo because Sensei trains me hard without hurting me. He also does fun exercises that are associated with karate, so I learn a lot every session. If I could, I would train everyday!
~ Marshall, junior student aged 10

Jeremy (12) has been attending classes for nearly 2 years. At the beginning he was very reserved and unsure of himself. Now, it is amazing to see the confidence that he has gained, not only at Karate, but in everyday life. He is standing taller, happier in himself, and has a much healthier self esteem. I believe, as for a school, the leader sets the tone. I cannot speak more highly of Reece Cummings. He is gentle, yet firm; has time to talk to me about my concerns; and has much respect from his students.
~ Jane, mother of a karate kid

I am 62 and not exercised regularly for many years. I have arthritis in most joints and previous back and shoulder injuries. I enjoy the instruction method of Sensei Cummings who explains each movement and I have felt no risk to either aggravate injury these injuries or place stress on my heart.Within a short few months I feel great. My movement has dramatically improved and my general health has improved considerably.I am extremely grateful for this and intend to keep training for the rest of my life. I can recommend Kodokan Matsubayashi-ryu Cummngs Karate Dojo to all.
~ Peter, adult student

After spending 6 months trialing dojos in the Canberra area I settled in here nicely with a teacher dedicated to his work and his students. Not only the movements are taught at this dojo, but also the reasons why it is that particular way, as well as any relevant history.
~ Emmy, adult student

Karate is not only a hobby or a sport, it is a lifestyle. I have done Martial Arts since I was little and I am still continuing my training 7 years later. This dojo has already taught me so much about martial arts, confrontations, the human body and Japanese culture. There is no other place in Canberra I would rather be than in this particular dojo.
~ Sean, teen student

The Cummings Karate Dojo is friendly and welcoming. Young and old, novices and masters train together, and all receive personal instruction from the very patient Sensei Reece Cummings. An enjoyable experience that is more than just learning karate.
~ Tom, adult student and father of a karate kid

What I really like from this dojo is its emphasis on the 'why', rather than 'how'. We also learn about the history and philosophy of karate, not just the techniques.
~ Arianto, adult student

I have been training with Sensei Reece for two and a half years and I have never been disappointed with any aspect of the dojo. The instruction is of the highest standard, the teaching environment is friendly and supportive, and the dojo is well equipped.
~ David, adult student

Cummings Karate is a fantastic dojo to learn traditional Okinawan karate.  Sensei Reece is a wonderfully knowledgeable and patient teacher - I have enjoyed learning from him for the last 2 1/2 year.  He has created a very positive dojo and all of the members are warm and friendly. I strongly recommend this dojo.
~ Mike, adult student

Sensei Cummings is very knowledgeable and a great teacher.  There is always an emphasis on not only how to execute particular techniques, but also why they are done the way they are done.  It is a traditional style with a focus on basics and kata, which I like.  However the kata movements are always related back to how they might be applied in self defence situations, which I also like very much.  I would highly recommend Matsubayashi-ryu with Sensei Cummings.
~ Fred, adult student.